Emphysema and stroke symptoms healed

Three of us went to a local rehabilitation facility in northern KY on Saturday afternoon and prayed for every patient we could get to. Over the course of about three hours, here is what we saw:
-A gentleman named John was healed of emphyzema and the effects of a stroke. He was able to take his oxygen off, which he had used for seven years, and walk with very little assistance. He said if he had exerted himself like that he would collapse, and after about 15 minutes with him he was very thankful and said he hasn't felt so good in seven years. He was a completely different person when we left.
-A lady named Millie was having back and hip pain in the range of 8/10. After a few minutes she had zero pain.
-Dorothy is 91 years old and had problems with both knees and much pain from gout in her big toe. Before we left she said the pain in her toe was gone, swelling was down in her legs, and her knees felt stronger and more relaxed.
-Two other ladies had chronic pain disappear while we prayed.
-We even gave a few words of knowledge about family members and other situations in their lives.

Everybody can do this stuff...let's get out there and do it! Stop waiting on God. He is waiting on you.


Guillain-Barré syndrome

I went and prayed with a family with a 4 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with an unusual neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome. She had loss of muscle use, some seizure like episodes, was in the hospital for several days, and had been in bed for the past six days. She couldn't walk much, and her mom had to pick her up out of bed and carry her around. Doctors weren't sure what was going on but told mom to expect to deal with the symptoms for six months to three years.

I felt like I needed to pray for mom first, who told me her husband was having trouble with some old habits and had not been home for several days, leaving her alone with the four kids. After that I turned to the little girl, whose body jolted when I was praying over her.

I prayed with them on Wednesday night and on Friday Mom called and told me that her daughter had been "bouncing off the walls," running around, and back to normal, showing no symptoms. She also shared that her husband came home Thursday night and had been praying... that "something was definitely moving."


Healing service

I had the opportunity to speak at a local church on Sunday, and shared with them that "God is good and He is powerful." Then we began to demonstrate that fact, because I believe that preaching should not just be with the enticing words of man's wisdom, but in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. (1 Corinthians 2:4) Here is what happened:

-Started off with calling out a word of knowledge about a hip, to which a lady responded. Michelle from our team laid hands on her and all the pain was gone.
-A lady who had fallen recently and hurt her back had almost all the pain go away.
-Young mother had back pain go from a 10 to zero.
-Older gentleman indicated he had occasional pain in his heel and neck began to weep as God's power touched him.
-Two young boys said they had high blood pressure, one of which had a constant headache. His headache went away completely in a moment. Joe from our team later ministered deliverance to them after they shared some crazy demonic experiences they've had and they felt a release as that thing was broken off.
-The mother of the two young boys wept openly as God's power touched her while I prayed and prophesied over her.
-A lady had chest pain go from a 2 to a zero.
-A young girl around six years old was having severe pain in her ears. All the pain went away in a few moments and she was able to sit up. When I came back later that night, I learned that fluid had been draining out of her ears all afternoon following the prayer that morning.
-A lady was highlighted to me so I asked her if she needed prayer for anything. She said "No, I'm doing fine. I just have this diabetes." I asked if there was any diabetes in heaven and prayed over her. She felt warmth as the spirit of God worked her over on the inside.

All normal manifestations of the kingdom of heaven showing up.


Meeting at Lexington Vineyard

We were invited to share at the Vineyard Church in Lexington, KY on Sunday afternoon where about 15 people came to see, hear and experience if this stuff is for real, and here is what happened:

-One lady was healed of plantar fasciitis (chronic foot pain) while we led worship, which is cool because that is something I've been going after...creating an atmosphere where God whacks people without being touched.

We started laying hands on people and...
-A lady was healed of plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain and a finger injury.

-One lady was healed of shoulder pain when I gave a word of knowledge about shoulder pain. She said when I said "shoulder pain," a heat came over her body and her pain was gone.

-A man was healed of rotator cuff damage and proceeded to try as hard as he could to make it hurt by making throwing motions for what seemed like 15 minutes. He said, "My right shoulder feels better than it has for the last 25 years. There is no pain whatsoever even when I on purpose do the things that used to make it hurt for days. I am so happy I think I can throw a ball again. Sports used to be something I really enjoyed. One thing though... I still don't have the range of motion to touch the middle of my back. I have had to do different things to wash my back since my injury those years ago but now I have hope God can and will restore that too."

-A teenage girl was healed of some allergy problems...she said she felt all cloudy, but after we prayed the cloudiness was gone.

-Got a word about broken ribs, back pain and more shoulder pain, so we linked about six people with those symptoms, prayed, and several said all the pain was gone.

-Wrapped up with some impartation time and laid hands on everyone who wanted more fire. Many experienced the presence of our friend Holy Ghost in a powerful way.


Healing service at little country church

I visited a little church in our area of about 30 people last night where my buddy Jim (Yard Sale Miracle) attends and had a good time...here's a recap.
-After the singing the pastor, whom I've never met, looked at me and said, "Brother, do you have a message for us tonight?" So I got up and told them that the kingdom of heaven is at hand and shared some testimonies of people being healed. Shared a few scriptures, then said we were going to demonstrate the power of the Spirit because the kingdom doesn't come in word only, but in power (and because God said "Enough talk"). Three hours later we had seen...
-At least six healed of chronic back and neck pain. One gentleman had two back surgeries and titanium pins in his neck and all the pain was gone.
-An older gentleman with emphysema and heart problems took off his oxygen tubes and was breathing better than he had in years. Two hours later he was still doing great with no oxygen.
-A lady with arthritis, bone on bone in her knee and fibromyalgia was free of all pain.
-A man with a hearing aid was able to hear me talking from 20 feet away without the hearing aid.
-A tormented young man who lived in a back room (strange, yes) was delivered of a bus load of demons.
Typical stuff that happens when the Spirit of God shows up.